Moving Forward

Before any big important day, I get a lot of stress and anxiety especially when its something as big as moving anywhere. The hassle of just thinking about moving is even a hassle. has been a lifesaver for me the four times I have moved in the past six years. Having had to relocate […]

Let’s Talk About Labels

No, not those labels. This is a memo to all moms and they can relate. So all moms has this struggle when once your kids start school they tend to mix up all their stuff with other kids and there’s no way of identifying who’s is who’s. Whether it be pre-k, camp or any level […]


It’s always been a goal of mine to actually see the Golden Gate Bridge. Now one would think that wouldn’t be so difficult since I had been in San Francisco twice previously for conferences and both times after endless traveling, it was insanely foggy in such a beautiful city. What is Babymoon? In case none of you […]


The Start A little over three years ago, I began this little journey of mine called “Youtube”. When I first started it, I had no real goal. Some people start this in hopes of becoming famous or make “easy” money. Except for me, I started my own channel with no expectations except in hopes that my […]

Free Products From Influenster

I’m so silly, I didn’t even know about this until just recently. Then even when I finally signed up, I still had no idea what I was doing. Once I finally understood how everything worked then I thought “Oh wow. This is actually pretty cool.” So before going any further, if you haven’t heard about Influenster […]


It’s amazing how much power is within this one word. People like to think confidence is a trait that you just have. I tend to think that confidence is like a muscle that gives yourself more courage and strength. A muscle you use like a hammer when you want to hang something. To me, confidence […]