It’s always been a goal of mine to actually see the Golden Gate Bridge. Now one would think that wouldn’t be so difficult since I had been in San Francisco twice previously for conferences and both times after endless traveling, it was insanely foggy in such a beautiful city. What is Babymoon? In case none of you […]


The Start A little over three years ago, I began this little journey of mine called “Youtube”. When I first started it, I had no real goal. Some people start this in hopes of becoming famous or make “easy” money. Except for me, I started my own channel with no expectations except in hopes that my […]

Free Products From Influenster

I’m so silly, I didn’t even know about this until just recently. Then even when I finally signed up, I still had no idea what I was doing. Once I finally understood how everything worked then I thought “Oh wow. This is actually pretty cool.” So before going any further, if you haven’t heard about Influenster […]


It’s amazing how much power is within this one word. People like to think confidence is a trait that you just have. I tend to think that confidence is like a muscle that gives yourself more courage and strength. A muscle you use like a hammer when you want to hang something. To me, confidence […]