Moving Forward

Before any big important day, I get a lot of stress and anxiety especially when its something as big as moving anywhere. The hassle of just thinking about moving is even a hassle. has been a lifesaver for me the four times I have moved in the past six years. Having had to relocate on separate occasions due to employment, family, and the general pursuit of happiness, I didn’t always find the right time nor the ideal conditions. Like most young adults, I struggled with the idea of leaving the nest because it would be something I had to tackle mostly on my own. After days spent struggling with finding movers online and perusing ads posted in my old neighborhood, I finally decided to take my friends’ advice and looked into It was probably my second best decision made after deciding to move in the first place.

I was fresh out of college and had never lived on my own. After getting over my initial trepidation and concerns, I decided to put on my big girl pants and started browsing their website. While I must admit that the preliminary research was confusing, their customer service picked up my call immediately and walked me through the selection process and explained their services very clearly to me. I went from not understanding anything to having a much better comprehension of the overall move. Obviously, they made an impression on me because I’ve used them a few times by now; the last move to my current place was my most memorable one.

I initially received a call upon their arrival, and they gave me plenty of time to get ready. While they patiently waited, I became anxious and a bit nervous as I usually do whenever a big move is underfoot. My anxiety was for nothing as the two movers calmed my nerves and assured me every step of the way. I didn’t lift a single finger, and they even treated me to a cup of tea. Such gentlemen! Between packing, wrapping, hauling, and then finally unloading, I encountered just one problem. It turned out that I had accumulated more stuff than my new place could handle, so the guys told me about their very affordable storage units. A small container was just enough space I needed to secure the remaining items I felt I could do without every day. I cannot thank enough for all of their dedication, hard work, and effort to ensure a seamless move. Not only did they take my stress away, they were also able to help ease my moving day anxiety and make it just a bit more bearable so I could deal with the hardest part of moving: learning to say goodbye to my previous roommates and neighbors. The next time I move, hopefully this time with my growing family, we can use the helping hands of
In summary, if you have high anxiety or stress a lot about moving. Flatrate Moving will do all the hard work and all you have to do is sit there and look pretty.

With Love,
Yuena Li

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  1. I’m so glad you had a great experience with them and they were able to make moving easier for you!

  2. Oh that’s so awesome, having more is the key of moving.
    xoxo, Rachel

  3. Ahhh I was going to move this year so I thought but decided to stay at my current place for another year or two. I’ll definitely keep these guys in mind for when I next move though. Moving is always a hassle so to have a great experience is key! Thanks for sharing xo, sharon

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