The Start

A little over three years ago, I began this little journey of mine called “Youtube”. When I first started it, I had no real goal. Some people start this in hopes of becoming famous or make “easy” money.

Except for me, I started my own channel with no expectations except in hopes that my experiences can influence people to gain a little perspective on themselves, make a few people smile, and just simply share what I love.

When I first began, my one friend on Youtube kept encouraging me to do pick a niche. So I did make up just like her but over time I decided why just chose one topic. Why not share myself with others in all different aspects.

Here is my 100th Video and a summary of what my channel is all about.

Candid Thoughts

To be honest, there’s many times where I thought to myself:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why do I bother working so hard?
  • Am I just wasting my time?
  • I should have done that better.
  • How did I let my skill set get taken advantage of?
  • Is it even worth it in the end?
  • Maybe the people putting me down were right.

However over the years, I’ve learned to just quickly shut off those voices and continue doing what I got to do. I use that as ammunition to prove myself wrong.

Then there’s always the people that will comment something in my video where they will thank me for sharing my story, for making a video that they related to, for making them smile or laugh. Then I use that to remind myself why I work so hard.

Reflecting Back

I think it’s easy for us to think that we are not where we wanted ourselves to be. It’s also easy for us to constantly compare ourselves to other peoples success.

For whatever reason it’s not always easy to simply look back and actually applaud yourself for all that you have accomplished. 

The truth is sometimes after you start something, you tend to question whether or not if you are where you’re supposed to be. And how often we forget to take in account how far we’ve progressed. Even if its not as much as we would have wanted it to be but at least you are still moving forward.

Speak Softly

It is now 100 videos later and there’s honestly so much I learned about people and myself being on YouTube. So many AMAZING things that has happened and it would not have had I not took that first step in just trying something out.

Made a Viral Video
Made a Mini Viral Video
Ended up on Sinovision International News

Went on my first talk show!

New York Lounge Talk Show

Featured on Newspapers
Featured on several online articles
Meeting Celebrities

Not only did I get to meet MC Jin several times but I got to work with the iconic rapper as well. 🙂

Asians in Entertainment. 🙂 #georgetakei #startrek #YouTubespaceny #highlightofmyday

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Staying Humble

None of the things would of happened if I didn’t have the support of the people around me. Over the years, I’ve been very blessed to have a very understanding family. Then of course, friends that turned into family, and fans that turned into friends.

Without their love and support I am nothing. 

Also a huge thank you to 100+ people I’ve had in my cast and crew. I still remember the first time I ever asked for extras I only had 3 people volunteer and two of them cancelled. Now whenever I asked for background or actors, an outpour of people asks to be casted.

I’d also like to thank the people that’s helped out with everything else because every little thing plays a huge piece to this giant puzzle whenever there’s a production. Whether it be connections to locations, boats, or people, somehow I must of done something okay in this lifetime to have worked with so many good people and opportunities.

Bottom Line

Be proud of what you’ve done and don’t diminish it. Own it like you mean it. Don’t compare yourself to others and just focus on what you have to do. I know these are just words and easier said than done but the only person you should comparing yourself with is who you were yesterday.

Always try to be the best version of yourself you can be. 

Tell  yourself that this is only the beginning and there’s still so much of yourself left to be unleashed. Push yourself to your fullest potential and don’t let anybody else’s voices get to you especially your own. Have the confidence to be unapologetically yourself. Do everything with a purpose and everything else should fall into place.

With Love,

P.s. In my next post I will share “How to start you own Youtube Channel” ^_^ Stay tuned!

Thank you again for stopping by!  Let’s be friends!! 😀
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  1. Wow what a great story to share. I need to read this as I statrted wondering if I needed to continue my blog recently. Thank you so much for all the great reminders and inspirations!


  2. Sounds like you have exactly the right mind frame for success ! You came into this with a humble level headed attitude & viewers related. Keep it up because you are doing a great job 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving !
    xx, gracie

  3. thomasfalkenstedt says: Reply

    What an amazing journey you’ve made on YouTube! You truly inspire me to push it even further and keep working hard even if it seems meaningless at times and your body is on the verge of not handling it anymore. Thank you so much for the inspiration and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story and your words of encouragement!

    xo, Jo

  5. wow, congratulations on this feat!! I’ve thought of starting a Youtube channel but the editing process always made me back away… seriously, great job!

  6. Ah you’re so inspirational! No one really realizes the true hard work and blood sweat and tears that comes with being a content creator… It’s really not as easy as it is and Youtube is even a larger platform (that I hope to become a part of)! So proud of all your great accomplishments and can’t wait to see what else the future has in store!

    XO Jenn

  7. Awww, I love this! I had no idea that you do so many things and make so many amazing videos and clips! I know it is so much harder than it looks but you make it look easy which means you are doing your job with success! I would love to get into videos but have no idea how! Looking forward to your next post to show me how! xoxo, Christine

  8. It’s so cool to see how you’ve transformed over the years and how much your YouTube channel has grown. Hope you had a beautiful journey. I actually started my fashion blogging journey just 1.5 years ago and the more it grows, the more driven you feel to keep going. Congrats and you’ve done such a great job.


  9. Great minds think alike!!! i recently just wrote a similar piece on appreciations and reviewing our lives given that there are only 36 more days left for 2016 and we are about to approach a new year. Check out my post http://4evajessie.com/review-your-2016/


  10. You’ve had such an exciting journey! YouTube is on a whole new level for content creators and to be part of that is amazing


  11. What a great post. It’s so fun to see how you’ve grown over the years! Congrats and you should be more than proud! You’re doing amazing!

    Bisous, Josie


  12. Wow this was an amazing article to read! You’ve accomplished so much. That’s absolutely something to be proud of. You go, girl!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  13. Wow girl! Congrats on 100. What a great accomplishment. You never know how the time flies. Can’t believe so many videos have gone viral. Lots to celebrate. To 100 more!!!

    xx Yasmin

  14. Wow girl, that’s so awesome – congrats! You are so inspiring, keep it up babe and here’s to 100 more! Xx

  15. wow you are an inspiration babe! I will use this to motivate myself to start one. I have been wanting to but keeping up with blogging is so hard and I work full time so I barely have time to make a video! Congrats for sticking to this!


  16. Congrats!! This is so amazing and you’ve seriously accomplished so much 🙂 you really can be proud of yourself!
    Charlotte Luisa | bycharlotteluisa.com

  17. This was so interesting post . You are so right about not to compare ourselves with others and just do what we have to do. xx
    Nina’s Style Blog Giveaway__ Enter to Win $100

  18. Congrats! You’ve come a long way. Keep it up. 🙂

  19. Love this babe, a big congrats to you! I am sure making videos is no joke but its so amazing to see you share such great stuff. I am so glad you did not pick a niche and stick to it, life is more than just one track haha.
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  20. Congratulations for how far you’ve come! 🙂 Hope you go from strength to stregnth.

    XoXo Noma

  21. Such a cool journey!! Keep up the great work!


  22. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your 100th video! Keep it up girl 🙂


  23. Really love your posts here! I can’t believe how well you have done that is crazy! I always want to start doing more videos but Im so lazy!!! it’s hard to keep up with
    Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

  24. Congrats on all your achievements love! Here’s to another 100!

  25. Great journey! Congrats on the 100!


  26. Wow babe you have make your won youtube channel successful with your hard work! Congratulations!!! This post really give me the inspiration since I been thinking to open my youtube channel soon too. Keep the good work!!


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